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Effects of electromagnetic fields on human health

21/07/2019 Dr. Mercola 0

Peter Sullivan, who has a master’s degree in computer science with an emphasis on human-computer interaction, is the founder of Clear Light Ventures, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the health effects of electromagnetic field (E…

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How to Cook Rice

21/07/2019 none 0

Rice, whether long-, medium- or short-grain, is a staple in countries like India, China, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam,1 Spain2 and Italy.3 It can be enjoyed savory or sweet4 and pairs well with various ingredients. S…

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Lyme disease: is a solution on the way?

20/07/2019 David Cox 0

The tick-borne illness, which is on the rise, can have chronic side-effects. So why hasn’t more effort been put into a cure?As a former martial arts world champion, who trained daily and enjoyed camping and hiking at weekends, Stephen Bullough had alwa…