Skin deep

31/07/2017 BBC News - Health 0

The 66-year-old Fields twins have lived together all their lives – now they are even closer after sharing their skin.

What’s Inside Your Drinking Water?

27/07/2017 RxList - Slideshows 0

What are the benefits of drinking water? How do you keep your drinking water safe and healthy? Learn about the water you drink and possible contaminants like giardia, cryptosporidium, lead, chlorine, and more. Discover how to boil your water in an emer…

20 Tips to Beat Insomnia and Sleep Better

26/07/2017 RxList - Slideshows 0

Good sleep hygiene leads to better sleep. Avoid insomnia and sleep better by minimizing stress, exercising, and taking proper naps. Learn the health benefits of good sleep. Discover how pets, allergies, electronics, and other distractions can rob you o…