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Helping parents choose vaccination for their children

10/25/2019 Letters 0

One way could be to require parents to have a meeting with a medical professional, where parents learn about how herd immunity works, says one parentI am not sure that making immunisations compulsory, especially for state school pupils, is the way to i…

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Special needs children are being failed | Letters

10/24/2019 Letters 0

Readers condemn the latest select committee report into the treatment of children with learning disabilitiesThis is the most damning select committee report I’ve ever read (Children with special needs plunged into ‘nightmare of bureaucracy’, 23 October…

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Five ways to deal with head lice and nits

10/20/2019 Amy Fleming 0

Parents dread discovering an infestation of the itchy menaces, but with the right approach you can stop them in their tracks“People are not treating an infestation at the earliest stages,” says Ian Burgess, the director of the Medical Entomology Centre…

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Bus food ban and the battle against obesity | Letters

10/15/2019 Letters 0

The recommendation to ban eating on public transport is just one small step, says Richard Carter, a better approach may be to introduce levies on the takeaway boxes, says Rachel Hadden, and Brian Josephson points out that the ban is not on all public t…