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Confusion about blood plasma supply | Letter

10/31/2019 Letters 0

The chief executive of NHS Blood and Transplant, Betsy Bassis, clears up a point about blood and plasma donationRegarding Polly Toynbee’s column (These brutal cuts to the NHS will haunt the Conservatives, 25 October), we’d like to provide some clarity …

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Alcohol advice for pregnant women | Letters

10/16/2019 Letters 0

Leigh Lewis and Elaine Hindal of Drinkaware and Hubert Sacy of Éduc’alcool respond to a report on research that criticised the advice their organisations giveYour article (Pregnant women encouraged to drink by alcohol industry, researchers claim, 14 Oc…

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Bus food ban and the battle against obesity | Letters

10/15/2019 Letters 0

The recommendation to ban eating on public transport is just one small step, says Richard Carter, a better approach may be to introduce levies on the takeaway boxes, says Rachel Hadden, and Brian Josephson points out that the ban is not on all public t…

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Banning food on the bus patronises adults | Letters

10/10/2019 Letters 0

In response to Dame Sally Davies’ proposal to outlaw food on public transport to tackle obesity, Alan Sokal argues it is the nanny state gone bonkers, while Nick Chadwick sees the plan as unworkableDame Sally Davies’ proposal to ban eating on public tr…