HPV screening better at detecting cervical cancer than pap smear, trial shows

Results come less than three months before five-yearly HPV test replaces the two-yearly pap test in Australia

Australia’s new national cervical cancer screening program has received a boost, with a large clinical trial showing screening for the human papillomavirus is significantly better at detecting potential precancerous cells than the traditional pap smear.

“We found that the HPV test was substantially more effective at picking up high-grade abnormalities compared to the pap test,” said Prof Karen Canfell, director of research at Cancer Council New South Wales.

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Flu outbreak kills seven residents at Victorian aged care home

Residents, aged from 70 to 94, died at Wangaratta’s St John’s retirement village, while another 100 people are ill

An influenza outbreak has swept through a regional Victorian aged care home, killing seven residents and leaving another 100 people ill.

The residents, aged between 70 and 94, died at Wangaratta’s St John’s retirement village during the fortnight up until Wednesday.

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Looks like flu has peaked across most of Australia. “moderate” year not the “biggest flu year ever” from @Flutrack perspective #publichealth pic.twitter.com/ztg3vA0KSi

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