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Public sector job cuts: is the tide finally turning?

03/09/2018 David Brindle 0

The NHS and civil service are recruiting, but there are still 1.1m fewer public sector workers than in 2009 and councils have been hard hitWho works where in the UK public sector“It’s not your normal job; we’re mending lives,” says actor Maxine Peake, …

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Julian Tudor Hart obituary

12/07/2018 David Brindle 0

Doctor who set up a research practice in a Welsh mining community and pioneered routine preventive health careAs a doctor in a coalmining community in the Welsh valleys, Julian Tudor Hart, who has died aged 91, pioneered much of what is now accepted as…

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Councils tighten reins on personalised care

12/06/2018 David Brindle 0

Campaigners say growing use of prepaid cards for people to spend on support at home is removing their independenceFor the past 10 years, Edwina McCarthy, 63, has lived contentedly in her own home in south London with the support of personal assistants …

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What’s stopping pharmacies doing more to reduce pressure on GPs? | David Brindle

06/09/2017 David Brindle 0

Chemists can already provide vital services, such as the morning-after pill – but a new study shows they are being chronically underused

When a woman recently walked into Thorrun Govind’s high-street pharmacy in Bolton seeking help for a common infection, Govind quickly knew what to prescribe. But because the woman said she had not had the medication before, Govind had to check with her GP practice. They insisted the woman go in.

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