Overburdened NHS faces ‘winter of woe’, leading doctors warn

14/09/2017 Denis Campbell 0

Experts say official ‘bed blocking’ figures for England show hospitals would struggle to cope with a serious flu outbreak

Full hospitals mean the NHS is facing “a winter of woe”, leading doctors have warned, after official figures released on Thursday again showed the service struggling to cope with the growing demand for care.

A total of 181,692 bed days were lost in hospitals in England in July to “delayed transfers of care”, when patients are fit to leave but cannot be safely discharged.

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Ministers must admit that the health service can’t cope | Denis Campbell

12/09/2017 Denis Campbell 0

NHS bosses know the health service cannot meet demand and that patients are suffering, but won’t admit it

Is the NHS constitution still worth the paper it’s written on? It’s the nearest thing the health service has to tablets of stone. Its 15 pages enshrine the principles and values that should guide the conduct of the NHS in England. They say “the patient will be at the heart of everything the NHS does” and that, as a tax-funded service, decision-making should be transparent.

Sadly, on both counts, the deeds of a cash-strapped and understaffed service operating in a strange and volatile political environment are increasingly failing to match either the spirit or letter of those fine words.

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