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Aids and HIV timeline: from Terry Higgins to PrEP

02/05/2019 Guardian Staff 0

End of transmission may be in sight after nearly three decades of medical advancesLandmark study raises hopes of end to HIV transmissionIn 1982, one year after the first Aids-related death in the UK, the DJ and Hansard reporter Terry Higgins died. His …

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Paddy Ashdown reveals he has bladder cancer

02/11/2018 Guardian Staff 0

Former leader of Liberal Democrats, 77, says he is being ‘wonderfully looked after’Paddy Ashdown, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, has revealed that he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.The 77-year-old said he recently learned of his di…

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Mobile phones do pose a danger | Letters

22/07/2018 Guardian Staff 0

People are oblivious to problems they cannot see. They need to be alertedThank you for the piece on wireless radiation and health (“Mobiles, cancer and inconvenient truths”, the New Review).This has been of great concern to me for some years. I seek to…

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A blueprint for NHS reform | Letters

03/06/2018 Guardian Staff 0

A growing consensus on the need for long-term funding for the health service is welcome – but big questions remainAn emerging consensus on the need for long-term funding for the NHS is welcome news (“We need a reform of the NHS to avoid decades of mise…