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We must learn from mental health tragedies | Letter

18/07/2019 Letters 0

We are disturbed that in-depth investigations into patient homicides are no longer undertaken, writes Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SaneWhile we welcome expanding research into suicides by mental health patients, we are disturbed that in-depth i…

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NHS consultants’ pensions dispute | Letters

11/07/2019 Letters 0

John Hall says training enough doctors to make overtime unnecessary is the solution; Moira Hankinson says consultants should stop paying in before their pensions reach the additional tax ceiling; while Peter Wrigley says the state should not subsidise …

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The bigger picture on what alcohol costs us | Letter

09/07/2019 Letters 0

Academics and leading medical experts on alcohol suggest the economic burden has been ‘generally underestimated’, says Daniel ClaytonDavid Smyth (Cancer, obesity and Boris Johnson’s ‘sin tax’ error, Letters, 8 July) says: “It looks to me as if the cost…

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Blame the Treasury for the doctors’ tax trap | Letters

08/07/2019 Letters 0

The head of the hospital doctors’ union, Dr Claudia Paoloni, says the crisis over consultants’ pensions is the fault of the governmentYour front-page article (Operations cancelled in standoff with consultants, 8 July) provides timely exposure on the di…

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Stop the cuts that sap the life out of society | Letters

07/07/2019 Letters 0

Senior figures in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector call for an end to cuts to vital services, plus letters from Gillian Dalley, David Griffiths and Mike Stein The vital fabric of civil society that supports people’s health and well…

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Another view of modern Hungary | Letter

03/07/2019 Letters 0

Dr Zoltán Kovács responds to claims about media freedoms and judicial independence in a column by Timothy Garton AshTimothy Garton Ash (Hungary is dismantling democracy. The EU must act, 20 June) perhaps expresses more “élan” than “touché” in his sabre…

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Doctors against climate catastrophe | Letter

27/06/2019 Letters 0

‘The diagnosis is clear and the treatment urgent. Yet politicians prevaricate and global emissions still rise’We are qualified medical doctors united by our distress at the minimal response to looming environmental disaster. We sympathise with current …

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Facing up to our mental health needs | Letters

26/06/2019 Letters 0

Joshua Martin says he was only obsessing over his mental ill health when it wasn’t being treated and Dr Mark Wilkinson on being diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety despite his stiff upper lipI share Adrian Massey’s anxieties regarding the grow…

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Improving wellbeing within the NHS | Letters

25/06/2019 Letters 0

There needs to be a national welfare and morale strategy, says Ravi Mahajan, president of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. And pilates sessions may not be enough, writes Dr Adam Moliver“Improving the NHS workforce’s wellbeing” (Society, 19 June) has…

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Mental ill-health and fair criminal justice | Letter

21/06/2019 Letters 0

Too many people are sent to prison without magistrates or judges seeing an up-to-date pre-sentence report, say experts including Keith Bradley, author of the Bradley reportIt is now 10 years since the publication of the landmark Bradley report on menta…

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Better support for pupils in school | Letters

18/06/2019 Letters 0

The endless targets and tests are clearly causing harm, writes Fiona Carnie. And Janet Mearns laments the state of school administration systems when it comes to bereaved pupilsInstead of training up teachers to recognise children who are showing signs…

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Cuba’s generosity after Chernobyl | Letters

16/06/2019 Letters 0

Havana treated victims of the catastrophe for free, writes Doreen Weppler-GroganMillions have watched Chernobyl, the TV series about the 1986 nuclear meltdown, and your coverage has been extensive (Report, 13 June). But an important related story has n…

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Nurses are not just doctors’ assistants | Brief letters

11/06/2019 Letters 0

Nursing | Jean Purdy plaque | Leeds attractions | Aston Martin SUV | Birthday mailIn your University Guide (8 June), you describe nursing and midwifery studies as an opportunity to “learn what’s needed to assist doctors”. Well nowadays we can use our p…

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Sure Start helped kids live healthier lives | Letters

07/06/2019 Letters 0

A new report on the tangible benefits of Sure Start is welcomed by Steve Phaure and Gwyn FieldsThe Institute for Fiscal Studies research on Sure Start, the policy credited with a big positive effect on children’s health and millions of pounds in savin…