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An environment not hostile enough | Brief letters

19/09/2018 Letters 0

Hostile environment | Vince Cable’s erotic spasm | Disguising greens | Ludo/Llandudno | Article in fullAll too often, the Guardian refers to Theresa May’s “hostile environment” for immigration and Jacqueline McKenzie’s otherwise excellent article repea…

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Drink-free days and heart health quizzes | Letters

13/09/2018 Letters 0

Karen Wynyard on taking the Guardian’s health advice, and Michael Chapman and Margaret Squires on the NHS’s ‘heart age’ questionnaireHaving just read Stuart Heritage’s article on alcohol-free days (Journal, 11 September), I must now let all Guardian le…

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How an e-bike changed this older reader’s life | Letters

11/09/2018 Letters 0

‘I can sail up the hill, often overtaking young cyclists peddling furiously, much to their surprise,’ writes 93-year-old William BanningAs one of those “less fit and able individuals” and living in a hilly area, I can heartily confirm the advantages of…

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Keep England’s FGM cases in perspective | Letters

09/09/2018 Letters 0

Figures for the number of cases of female genital mutilation in England need clarifying, says Alison Macfarlane. Plus praise from Pam Wagstaff for a Guardian article about vaginal health.Your report (Intelligence on FGM to be shared by UK and US, 7 Se…

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‘Farty Hans’ and Roman Tony | Brief letters

05/09/2018 Letters 0

Medical language | Do-gooders | Wartburg cars | Brexiters’ investments | Tony BlairFor the last 15 years or so, working as a consultant cancer surgeon, I have always written to my patients copying the GP (Doctors told to use plain language when writing…

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Woolf’s Orlando resists categorisation | Brief letters

04/09/2018 Letters 0

Virginia Woolf | Corbyn’s election performance | Fatphobia | Subediting | School isolation boothsI thoroughly enjoyed Jeanette Winterson’s take on Orlando (Review, 1 September). But I do have to question the claim that Virginia Woolf only called i…

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Battle to clean up the air we breathe | Letters

31/08/2018 Letters 0

Further research is needed on the link between children’s mental health and pollution, says Robin Russell-Jones, expanding electric vehicle infrastructure will help London, says Andy Boland, and incinerators should also be targeted in the capital, says…

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Burying bad news is nothing new | Letter

29/08/2018 Letters 0

The 1980 Black report on health inequalities was perhaps an early example of politicians wishing to suppress bad news, writes Kenneth MacaulayYour correspondent Alan Healey (Education class and interwoven inequalities, Letters, 28 August) considers how…

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Weighing up the pros and cons of alcohol | Letters

28/08/2018 Letters 0

Sue Morgan says we need a more nuanced discussion, and Liz White reflects on the relationship with longevityUndoubtedly alcohol is responsible for much social evil, but the recent report based on 28 million people is not without flaws (Drinking carries…

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We must support not sue our doctors | Letters

15/08/2018 Letters 0

The practice of medicine is the most difficult and complex undertaking of humanity and mistakes will be made, says retired doctor Peter Estcourt. Doctors such as Hadiza Bawa-Garba do not need the threat of court if things go wrongI was greatly heartene…

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Councils spending a pretty penny on loos | Letter

13/08/2018 Letters 0

The government must exempt parish and town councils from paying business rates on the toilets they run, says Sue BaxterThe British Toilet Association and the Local Government Association are right to point out budgetary pressures facing councils and in…