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Access to abortion is a basic human right | Letters

19/05/2019 Letters 0

Lesley Regan, president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, condemns abortion laws in Alabama and Northern Ireland, and Nik Wood supports Gaby Hinsliff’s call for pro-choice men to speak upLast week the state of Alabama signed int…

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Universal credit spin is at odds with reality | Letters

17/05/2019 Letters 0

Obvious failures in the government’s welfare policy can’t be glossed over with an ad campaign, say Garry Lemon and Paul NicolsonUniversal credit doesn’t need a PR campaign (Coming soon: the great universal credit deception, 15 May). Instead of wasting …

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GPs can afford to work part-time | Letters

10/05/2019 Letters 0

Gerry Miller believes general practitioners live very comfortably while working two or three days a week. David Handley says GPs’ salaries enable them to cut backYour leader (The falling number of GPs is a symptom of the pressure the NHS is under, 10 M…

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Depression and western cultural hegemony | Letters

02/05/2019 Letters 0

It is wrong to brush aside non-western mentalities and understandings of distress, says Derek SummerfieldAs a teacher of psychiatry to medical students in Zimbabwe, I find Tina Rosenberg’s account of the work of Vikram Patel overly glossy (The long rea…

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Lives wrecked by contaminated blood | Letters

01/05/2019 Letters 0

The commercialising of blood supply was a medical disaster waiting to happen, says Graham Murdock, while Anna Arnone recalls how hard it was for victims to talkThe resurgence of justifiable anger surrounding the devastating impact on so many lives caus…

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Scotland’s place in a post-Brexit world | Letters

30/04/2019 Letters 0

Guardian readers respond to John Harris’s piece about Scotland’s case for independenceIf it is possible to see events through rose-coloured spectacles with a tartan tint, John Harris achieves it in his inability to see the truth of Scottish so-called i…

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Older skin not flattered by hand dryers | Letters

26/04/2019 Letters 0

Susan Treagus doesn’t want to see the skin on the back of her hands flapping about in an air jet, Marian Nyman objects to the noise, while Lesley Matthews favours the shaking methodWhat a fascinating long read (World War Loo, 25 April). The Dyson Airbl…