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Addiction to social media isn’t a disease | Letter

20/03/2019 Letters 0

Conceptualising this disorder as a disease wrongly suggests the origin of the problem lies within people, writes Simon GibbsBy suggesting that social media “addiction” might be treated as a disease (Report, 18 March), MPs risk doing society a grave dis…

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Private care homes are a failed model | Letter

18/03/2019 Letters 0

An overstretched NHS is being forced to pick up the pieces when private care homes go bust, writes Gillian DalleyOne hundred care home operators are reported as going out of business last year, and over 400 in the past five years (Collapse of care home…

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Risks of privatising NHS scanner service | Letters

14/03/2019 Letters 0

Concerns over the privatisation of cancer scanning services at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford are raised by Rosie Herring and Anita HighamWe are writing as elected public governors of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, to clarify some …

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Art is a medicine that helps us live | Letters

13/03/2019 Letters 0

Letters: Science keeps us alive, but what keeps us living is art, writes Dr Clare CogginsIn your interview with Valeria Luiselli (‘Children chase after life, even if that chase might end up killing them’, Review, 9 March), one minute she makes an admir…

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Cars are reaching the end of the road | Letters

10/03/2019 Letters 0

The decline in the UK of young people taking to the wheel is encouraging, says Bruce Ross-Smith, cars are blighting everything, says Susan Woodford, and David Halley sees an urgent need to get rid of themI hope George Monbiot (Cars ruin our lives. With…

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Opioids: poverty is the culprit | Letters

03/03/2019 Letters 0

Guardian readers give their views on the reasons behind the opioid crisisThe healthcare system is unable to address the increase in opioid usage (Editorial, 1 March) because it is dealing with the symptoms rather than causes of a crisis that is obvious…

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Michele Hanson’s legacy continues | Letter

01/03/2019 Letters 0

It’s a year since the columnist died but she’s still helping to improve women’s lives, says her daughter Amy Hanson A year ago on Saturday my mum, the Guardian writer Michele Hanson, died of a massive spontaneous cerebral haemorrhage, while doing what …

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Bureaucracy allows bullying in the NHS | Letter

26/02/2019 Letters 0

Those outside the tightly controlled structures have almost no effective voice, writes Dr David LevyWell done for highlighting the growing problem of active bullying in the NHS (Alert over bullying culture in the NHS, 25 February). This reflects no eas…

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The French know how to do lunch | Brief letters

25/02/2019 Letters 0

Wine at lunch | Cleaning products | Words for loo | Moorhens | Brexit soundtracks | The Scottish dietRe long lunch breaks (Letters, 25 February), I once had lunch in one of the canteens at Airbus in Toulouse. I was astonished to see a couple of colleag…

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Polishing up on new household rules | Letters

22/02/2019 Letters 0

Virginia Smith is intrigued by the psychology of cleanliness, Mike Hoskin is feeling overwhelmed by the proposed schedule and Nicky Ford is concerned about the environmental impactAbsent from your otherwise fascinating survey of towels and toilet brush…

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Treatment of urinary tract infections | Letters

21/02/2019 Letters 0

Carol Ferguson on James Malone-Lee’s treatment, and Carolyn Sugden on her personal experienceYour excellent article about chronic urinary tract infections (Would I ever get back to normal life?, G2, 20 February) highlights the lack of awareness among m…

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The importance of midwifery units | Letter

14/02/2019 Letters 0

Women’s choice is not the primary factor in declining numbers of midwife-run centres, write 16 experts in midwiferyDespite robust evidence that freestanding midwifery units (birth centres) provide high-quality care, the number of women able to use them…