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How modern life gets in the way of sleep

08/02/2019 Linda Geddes 0

Up to 30% of people in developed countries now suffer from chronic insomnia. How did we get so sick and tired?Part of The Ultimate Guide to Sleep: a special supplement appearing in The Guardian on SaturdayWe evolved on a rotating planet, with regular p…

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Why we should be watching the sun, not the clock

11/01/2019 Linda Geddes 0

Between daylight saving and obligatory early starts, we live at the mercy of ‘official’ time – and many of us feel permanently out of syncBy Linda GeddesThe tourism brochure for the German spa town of Bad Kissingen features a photograph of a young woma…

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Solving the genome puzzle

21/09/2018 Linda Geddes 0

With advances in gene technology helping to diagnose very rare diseases, has the new era of personalised medicine finally arrived?Evie Walker sits on her mother’s lap, playing a game she never grows tired of: turning her mother’s hand over and over, st…

Should you wash your pyjamas every day?

06/09/2017 Linda Geddes 0

Some do, according to a thread on parenting website Mumsnet, but plenty don’t. So, are you a minging health hazard if you only change them once a fortnight?

When did you last wash your pyjamas? A mob of Mumsnetters has worked itself into a lather about whether one’s PJs should be washed after every wear. “Oooh, a laundry thread,” as one forum user succinctly put it: “Get ready for neurotics versus mingers …”

It turns out, there really are people who wash their nightwear every day. “People sweat in bed, and many will go to bed without washing, as they shower in the mornings, so that is enough reason for me to wash PJs after one night,” wrote one member of the cleanliness camp. But there are clearly plenty of “mingers” content to wait days or even weeks between washes. A 2015 survey, by the mattress company Ergoflex, of nearly 2,500 people aged between 18 and 30 revealed that men wait 13 nights on average between washes, while women go 17 nights.

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