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U.S. Children Eating Less Seafood

20/05/2019 WebMD Health 0

U.S. government advisories on possible fish contamination may have “pushed people away from eating fish in general and canned tuna in particular,” according to the report authors.

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The Unsexy Truth: Fewer in the U.S. Having Sex

17/05/2019 WebMD Health 0

Despite all the steamy action portrayed on our screens both big and small, new data suggest fewer people are actually having sex than in the past, including young adults and teens who seem to be less sexually active than their peers in previous generat…

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Former President Jimmy Carter Out of Hospital

16/05/2019 WebMD Health 0

Former President Jimmy Carter, 94, was released from the hospital Thursday, after surgery to repair a broken hip. Former first lady Rosalynn Carter also was released, after feeling faint Wednesday and being admitted for observation and testing.