Play it Safe This July

14/06/2017 Healthglu 0

Kids are running through sprinklers, teens are hanging out in front of the slushy shack, and the smell of barbeques is in the air. Summer is here, and Fourth of July celebrations complete with fireworks are on the way.

Stay Tick Free This Summer

14/06/2017 Healthglu 0

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and into nature—but watch out for tiny hitchhikers. Unfortunately, as we go out to enjoy the summer sun, so do ticks.

Your Period is Not Toxic

12/06/2017 Healthglu 0

Some women refer to their periods as “the curse.” Now, a small group of raw vegan bloggers and YouTube stars are taking that sentiment quite literally, claiming that periods are a sign of toxicity in the body and can (and should) be stopped by changing eating habits.

Building Baby Bookworms

08/06/2017 Healthglu 0

A new study shows your efforts to read to even your very young baby are not in vain: Being read to as an infant is associated with better literacy later in childhood.

Cough Cautions

06/06/2017 Healthglu 0

The FDA just issued a warning about the possibly dangerous side effects of codeine and tramadol, two opioid ingredients found in some pain and cough medicines.

Obesity and Infertility

01/06/2017 Healthglu 0

An NIH study found that couples in which both partners are considered obese may experience more difficulty conceiving than those in which only one is considered obese.

Should You Try a Menstrual Cup?

31/05/2017 Healthglu 0

For years, women have been left with two choices when managing their menstrual cycle: use a pad or, if you were willing to brave the more invasive option, a tampon.

No Need to Fidget

16/05/2017 Healthglu 0

The lack of any studies isn’t stopping the makers of “fidget spinners” from marketing them to parents worried about focus – and especially to parents of children with ADHD or other conditions.