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Craving insight into addiction | Letters

13/01/2019 Letters 0

Dr David Marjot on the anti-boredom effect, and Dr Ian Flintoff on the damage done by a materialist societyI am a retired consultant psychiatrist who specialised in the field of addiction (Constant craving: is addiction on the rise?, G2, 9 January). My…

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Younger kindergarteners more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD

12/01/2019 Claire McCarthy, MD 0

A study found that kindergarteners born in August are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, and treated for it, than children born in September—but only if the school has a September 1 cutoff for enrollment. This raises the concern that teachers and doctors are misjudging normal behavior for a child’s age as ADHD.

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A letter to… my thoughtless mother

12/01/2019 Anonymous 0

‘To brag of starving yourself in front of my teenage daughters beggars belief’: the letter you always wanted to writeYour visit was going well. We were sitting around the dinner table, you, me and my husband, our two teenage girls. You had probably had…

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Learning to deal with mental health issues | Letters

07/01/2019 Letters 0

Readers respond to research suggesting that the link between social media use and depressive symptoms is stronger for girls than boysThe latest findings by University College London support our own research that found girls are significantly more likel…