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Sir Christopher Dobson obituary

25/09/2019 Georgina Ferry 0

Leading chemist whose research, including into Alzheimer’s, could transform the prevention and treatment of the diseases of ageingMore than a century ago, the German pathologist Alois Alzheimer observed that people who died with dementia had deposits o…

How can UK science raise the bar for diversity and inclusion?

A new network for equality, diversity and inclusion in research will challenge the UK scientific community to take these priorities more seriously

Last month, the now notorious Google memo shone a depressing light on the persistence of sexism and discrimination in Silicon Valley. But these problems aren’t restricted to the tech world: a powerful new book by Angela Saini, which also surfaced over the summer, reminds us that such attitudes remain surprisingly ingrained across the wider scientific community.

What can we as researchers and research funders do to change things? This week sees the launch of a new network called EDIS (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science and Health Research). Co-founded by the Francis Crick Institute, Wellcome and GlaxoSmithKline, EDIS aims to inspire and encourage the UK scientific community to make equality and diversity a top priority.

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