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Sexual addiction, desire and dopamine hits

22/04/2018 Andrew Anthony 0

Not all sex addicts are sexual predators – many are just struggling to contain their destructive urges. Andrew Anthony meets addicts and therapists to hear how they cope with this secretive pandemicOf the many alleged victims of the film producer Har…

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How to close the female orgasm gap | Shannon Bledsoe

09/02/2018 Shannon Bledsoe 0

Studies show sexual pleasure, self-esteem and satisfaction profoundly impacts our wellbeing. That’s why increasing our ‘sexual IQ’ mattersIn this moment of brave truth telling and female empowerment, it’s time to address one topic that’s been…

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Boots cuts price of morning-after pill across UK

29/01/2018 Nicola Slawson 0

Chemist follows Tesco and Superdrug’s lead on discount after initially refusing to ‘incentivise inappropriate use’Boots has reduced the price of the morning-after pill in all its UK stores after failing to meet its target of a full rollout of the…

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Can an app really provide effective birth control?

15/10/2017 Nicola Davis 0

Technology that tracks women’s fertility has been hailed as being more effective than the pill – and without side-effects. Is this a genuine revolution in sexual freedom?When Apple launched their health tracking app in 2014 and didn’t include any featu…