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Chlamydia vaccine moves a step closer

12/08/2019 Nicola Davis 0

Pioneering clinical trial raises hopes of cure for ‘hidden’ sexually transmitted infectionA vaccine to protect against chlamydia has moved closer to becoming reality after a pioneering clinical trial found the treatment to be safe. The vaccine successf…

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My life in sex: the woman with HPV

19/04/2019 Anonymous 0

I’ve only ever had sex with three men, and been married for almost two decadesI have HPV – the human papillomavirus. Infections are common, but the strains I have mean that I’ve had to visit a specialist seven times in the last two months. I’m now at r…

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How to use a condom

14/04/2019 Mel Gadd 0

How long does a condom last? And why should you avoid putting one on with greasy hands? The manager of a sex education project explainsThere are two types of condoms: external, which go on the penis, and internal, which can be used vaginally or anally….

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Experience: I didn’t hit puberty until I was 19

08/03/2019 Jared Gale 0

It was assumed I was just a late bloomer, but the longer it went on, the more my confidence sufferedAs a kid, I was always small and never as strong as my peers, but what set me apart was that I had no sense of smell. At school, if somebody farted in c…