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Four steps to a younger, smarter brain

14/10/2018 Gary Small 0

Evidence suggests memory decline can be slowed and even reversed by adopting a few healthy lifestyle habitsBrain health is key to successful ageing, and it involves several mental functions including memory, reasoning and planning. Memory defines who w…

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Too much sleep linked to ill health

07/08/2018 Press Association 0

More than seven or eight hours a night of sleep is associated with higher risk of premature deathSleeping longer than the recommended seven or eight hours a night has been linked with a higher risk of premature death, according to new research.Research…

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How our beds are dirtier than chimpanzee nests

16/05/2018 Tim Walker 0

A new study has revealed that a third of the bacteria in our beds is from our own bodies and may be causing health problems – while chimps’ nests are almost spotlessYour lily-white bed linen may, in fact, be less hygienic than the nest of an animal kno…