9 ways to get a guy to like you within weeks

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Be the first to compliment him on his achievements, and try to compliment things deeper than just his looks. Don’t be cliche.

Get him to talk about the things that he loves. When a guy is talking about something he is really into, he subconsciously vibes with you in the process.

Talk to him about things you are passionate about. Talking about what you love naturally makes you glow and this inspires an attraction, which is a good start towards gaining affection.

When interacting with him, flirt. Make and maintain eye contact. Don’t be shy, get physical: casually touch his arms and shoulders. All these help to grow and sustain his attention on you.

Make an effort to be friendly with his friends Get to know them better. If you’re accepted by his friends, you can be confident that things will work out between the two of you.

Be cool, calm and collected when in his presence. Speak confidently, even when you are nervous. Show him that you are neither intimidated nor bothered by him.

Don’t be in a rush to reply his text messages or calls. Be measured and strategic. Let him feel that you are in-demand by other guys, that he has to work harder to get in. The sense of competition always keeps a guy on his toes.

The next time you meet him, look sharp and sexy in your dress to get his blood pumping, but leave enough to his imagination so as to keep you lingering in his mind. This will keep him intrigued.

Get him to try something new and daring. Make the few hours you spent together memorable to him to consider spending the rest of his life with you.

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