What not to say to people living with dementia | Yvonne Manson

09/08/2017 Yvonne Manson 0

Understanding what words to use around people with mental health conditions isn’t easy. Here are a few tips

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” – so goes the old saying, a child’s mode of defence against bullies in the playground.

But the fact is that words do hurt. Quite apart from obvious insults, language can be a subtle but insidious weapon – especially when it comes to older people.

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Teenage pregnancy in the US is at an all-time low. Trump could soon change that

09/08/2017 Molly Redden 0

Trump administration’s decision to cut nationwide sex ed programs is putting many young lives at risk

It was a muggy afternoon, and Nakesha Martin raised her voice to be heard over the rattle of the air conditioner. “Is that a high-risk behavior, or a low-risk behavior?” she shouted to the class.

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GM salmon hits shelves in Canada – but people may not know they’re buying it

AquaBounty salmon was approved for sale in Canada in 2016, paving the way for it to become the first genetically engineered animal to enter the food supply

Canadian supermarkets have become the first in the world to stock genetically modified fish, and about five tonnes of GM salmon have been sold in the country in recent months.

The sales figure was revealed in the most recent earnings report of the US-based AquaBounty Technologies, whose hybrid Atlantic salmon – which contains a gene from a Chinook salmon and a gene from the ocean pout – has been at the heart of a heated debate over transgenic animals as food.

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