Modelling human psychology

A human being’s psychological make-up depends on an array of emotional and motivational parameters, such as desire, suffering or the need for security. In addition, it includes spatial and temporal dimensions that also play a key role in rationalizing …

Navigation and spatial memory: New brain region identified to be involved

Navigation in mammals including humans and rodents depends on specialized neural networks that encode the animal’s location and trajectory in the environment, serving essentially as a GPS, findings that led to the 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Failure of these networks to function properly, as seen in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions, results in severe disorientation and memory deficits. Researchers have now uncovered striking neural activity patterns in a brain area called the retrosplenial cortex that may assist with spatial memory and navigation.

Teen drug overdose rate in US rose 20% in 2015 after years of decline

A new report has also found the rate of overdose from synthetic opioids has increased sixfold since 2002, while heroin death rates have tripled

The number of American teens to die of a drug overdose leapt by almost a fifth in 2015 after seven years of decline, a study by the National Center for Health Statistics has found. The jump in fatalities was driven by heroin and synthetic opioid use and by an increasing number of deaths among teenage girls.

Deaths among teenagers represent a tiny portion of drug overdose deaths nationally – less than 2%.

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How has the nursing profession changed your life?

16/08/2017 Emma Sheppard 0

We want to hear why you love being a nurse, or how a nurse helped your recovery as a patientThe pressure on NHS nurses is well documented. There are more nurses leaving the profession than joining it, with 40,000 unfilled vacancies, a 96% drop in the n…