Yes! Yes! Yes! We must break the silence about female pleasure

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Doctors made me feel silly and men offered to fix my vaginal woe. But speaking up about sexual dysfunction has given me back the voice I had lost in bed

It’s time for me to stop lying about sex. To my ex-partners, I’m sorry I wasn’t as honest with you as I could have been, but sex is complicated. There is often history, pride and feelings involved. When I talk about sex I don’t just mean my experience of heterosexual penetration, which was the only kind of sex I was ever taught about at school. The truth is that 75% of women only orgasm with help from sex toys, hands or tongue, so let’s relegate the penis for a moment in our discussion of female pleasure.

For a long time, I have experienced pain during sex. What I thought would be an easy and joyous activity was unexpectedly difficult and upsetting. This led to me wanting sex less. Orgasm became a distant dream.

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