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A few good habits to help you age well | Letters

21/04/2019 Letters 0

Joan Lewis eats healthily and drinks wine in moderation, while Val Spouge does Guardian crosswords to keep herself out of a geriatric homeThank you to June Brown, alias Dot Cotton, and to Virginia Ironside (How I learned that 75 is the best age to star…

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How to cut the harm caused by cannabis | Letters

25/03/2019 Letters 0

Regulation would be better than prohibition, writes Dr Colin Bannon. We need more research on which potential users are at most risk of psychosis, says Professor Ian HamiltonThe otherwise excellent article on cannabis thinking (Can we all chill out abo…

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Where is the world’s hardest-drinking city?

07/03/2019 Helen Lock 0

Is it Vilnius, Seoul, Moscow or Kiev? And what do alcohol consumption statistics tell us about a city and its culture?“Drinking is seen as a sign of masculinity in Kiev,” says Daria Meshcheryakova. “People don’t understand how a grown man could be sobe…