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No luxury: book containing tampons is runaway hit

21/06/2019 Alison Flood 0

Protest against Germany’s 19% tax on sanitary products sells out first print run in one dayOpen up a book and you can find a whole world. But the first book from the German startup the Female Company offers something more straightforward: within its co…

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Peter Lawton obituary

02/05/2019 Hannah Lawton 0

My father, Peter Lawton, who has died aged 72, made a huge contribution to women’s reproductive health around the world with his pioneering approach to the grassroots development of public health clinics. He carried out his work in developing countries…

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Why we are addicted to conspiracy theories

02/05/2019 Anna Merlan 0

Outsiders and the disenfranchised have always embraced the existence of wild plots and cover-ups. But now the biggest conspiracy-mongers are in charge. By Anna MerlanIn January 2015, I spent the longest, queasiest week of my life on a cruise ship fille…