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Solving the genome puzzle

21/09/2018 Linda Geddes 0

With advances in gene technology helping to diagnose very rare diseases, has the new era of personalised medicine finally arrived?Evie Walker sits on her mother’s lap, playing a game she never grows tired of: turning her mother’s hand over and over, st…

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Rachael Bland obituary

07/09/2018 Anthony Hayward 0

Radio presenter who chronicled her experience of cancer with a mix of heartbreak and humourThe BBC Radio 5 Live newsreader and presenter Rachael Bland, who has died aged 40, chronicled her battle with breast cancer first in a blog titled Big C Little M…

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When a parent gets cancer, what about the kids?

04/09/2018 Claire Burke 0

Nicola Dady set up a UK charity after seeing the impact her diagnosis had on her childrenWhen Nicola Dady was diagnosed with an aggressive form of kidney and bladder cancer, her first thought was not of herself but her children.“My first feeling was, o…

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Experience: I have an artificial heart

31/08/2018 Rebecca Henderson 0

The tumour had grown to the size of a fist. There was no way they could salvage my heartLast year, aged 23, I was diagnosed with cancer of the heart. It’s extremely rare – doctors often tell me it’s the first case of heart cancer they’ve seen. The only…