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Loss of EU doctors is a disaster for the NHS | Letters

09/04/2019 Letters 0

It is disheartening that many doctors are feeling less welcome, writes Dr Chaand Nagpaul. Plus David Jost says Peterborough lost a very fine GP after the referendumThe interviews you published with three doctors who are concerned about the impact of Br…

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Antidepressants are better than placebos | Letters

08/04/2019 Letters 0

A retired psychiatrist says the drugs helped her without any side effects, while Richard Bartley highlights a study that shows they are significantly better than placebosMy experience is very different from that described by Prof John Read and colleagu…

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Nuclear war and a new arms race | Letters

05/04/2019 Letters 0

Dr Lesley Morrison and fellow health professionals fear Donald Trump and think the UK should be at the forefront of international nuclear disarmament. Bruce Kent and Judy Turner on the service at Westminster Abbey to mark 50 years of submarine-based nu…

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BMA launches urgent inquiry into sexual harassment

02/04/2019 Matthew Weaver 0

Move comes after some of UK’s most senior female doctors said there was widespread harassment at top of professionAllegations by some of the UK’s most senior female doctors of widespread sexual harassment at the top of the medical profession have force…

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Doctors at breaking point in underfunded NHS | Letters

01/04/2019 Letters 0

Jill Jones says doctors, along with other overworked and demoralised health professionals, are paying the price for cuts; Stephen Smith says the wellbeing of medical staff is treated with indifference; John Hurdley senses a return to the ‘bad old days’…

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Let people have right to die when they choose | Letters

29/03/2019 Letters 0

Readers discuss the rights and wrongs of making assisted dying legal in BritainHats off to the Royal College of Physicians’ (RCP) decision to go neutral on the issue of assisted dying (Report, 22 March). I have accompanied two very dear friends to the …