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Not your typical Tory groupthink | Brief letters

18/08/2019 Letters 0

GP appointments | Ovarian cancer | A-level twins | Donald Trump and Greenland | Tories and the status quoGrace Dent should resist the current trend for putting down GPs (I’m angry, sore, and bloated. Is this the menopause?, Weekend, 17 August) Yes, you…

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Specialist skills and learning disabilities | Letters

08/08/2019 Letters 0

Sally Cheseldine and Bill Hughes contribute to the ongoing debate about the role of learning disability specialistsThere are many paediatricians who bring specialist skills to children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectr…

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We need learning disability doctors | Letters

05/08/2019 Letters 0

Janet Chambers and Michael Baron on the need for GPs specialising in the health and welfare requirements of people with intellectual disabilitiesI would like to support the proposal for exploration of developing the role of a senior doctor specialising…

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A case for learning disability doctors | Letter

26/07/2019 Letters 0

Dr Ken Courtenay supports developing a role for doctors who are skilled in treating and supporting people with intellectual disabilities and complex health needsAs a psychiatrist and trained GP who works with people with intellectual disabilities (ID),…

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NHS consultants’ pensions dispute | Letters

11/07/2019 Letters 0

John Hall says training enough doctors to make overtime unnecessary is the solution; Moira Hankinson says consultants should stop paying in before their pensions reach the additional tax ceiling; while Peter Wrigley says the state should not subsidise …