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Nurses are not just doctors’ assistants | Brief letters

11/06/2019 Letters 0

Nursing | Jean Purdy plaque | Leeds attractions | Aston Martin SUV | Birthday mailIn your University Guide (8 June), you describe nursing and midwifery studies as an opportunity to “learn what’s needed to assist doctors”. Well nowadays we can use our p…

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NHS underfunding is deliberate strategy | Letters

31/05/2019 Letters 0

The time has come for the English to demand our birthright, access to a universal, comprehensive, local health service, writes Christine Hyde. And Bob Epton reflects on money well spentI am greatly saddened to read of the distress caused to a woman wit…

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David Paintin obituary

Obstetrician and gynaecologist who campaigned for the reform of abortion lawDavid Paintin, who has died aged 88, will be remembered for his important work to achieve a liberal abortion law. A doctor and lecturer in obstetrics and gynaecology at St Mary…