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Antidepressants are better than placebos | Letters

08/04/2019 Letters 0

A retired psychiatrist says the drugs helped her without any side effects, while Richard Bartley highlights a study that shows they are significantly better than placebosMy experience is very different from that described by Prof John Read and colleagu…

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Concerns over rising antidepressant use | Letters

05/04/2019 Letters 0

Prof John Read and others on the news that antidepressant prescribing has passed 70 million in England, and George Herbert on the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapySo, antidepressant prescribing passed 70 million in England last year (Report, 29…

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How to cut the harm caused by cannabis | Letters

25/03/2019 Letters 0

Regulation would be better than prohibition, writes Dr Colin Bannon. We need more research on which potential users are at most risk of psychosis, says Professor Ian HamiltonThe otherwise excellent article on cannabis thinking (Can we all chill out abo…