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Audrey Eyton obituary

16/07/2019 Danuta Kean 0

Co-founder of Slimming magazine who wrote The F-Plan Diet – the book that revolutionised British eating habits in the 1980sFor a woman who preferred to remain behind the scenes, Audrey Eyton, who has died aged 83, did more to revolutionise British eati…

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Meat tax will not solve environmental concerns | Letters

02/06/2019 Letters 0

Farmers are already working to reduce emissions and a tax would just make a balanced diet unaffordable, says Stuart Roberts. And Joan Carter worries about the return of the wildcatAs a farmer, I wholeheartedly agree that the agricultural industry shoul…

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The planet’s prodigious poo problem

25/03/2019 David Cox 0

Each year, livestock produces billions of tonnes of excrement. It’s starting to poison the natural world. So what is to be dung?Recent research has estimated that by 2030, the planet will be generating at least 5bn tonnes of poo each year, with the va…