Trauma in the fire service: ‘faces of dead people flashed before my eyes’

23/08/2017 Kirstie Brewer 0

After 30 years as a firefighter, Roger Moore struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder. He says the Fire Fighter Charity probably saved him from suicide

For nine months, former-firefighter Roger Moore had the image of a girl he’d seen die, hovering in his peripheral vision. The child had been killed in a car crash several years before and Moore had been one of the first on the scene.

It had been harrowing at the time, but he’d got up and gone to work as usual. It was only once the firefighter retired from his 30-year career a few years later, in 2013, that the image of her face returned to torment him.

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Britain’s got its very own summer eclipse | Brief letters

22/08/2017 Letters 0

The weather | Hate crimes | Counselling | Natural childbirth | Cliff Richard fans | Sophie Heawood article

Why the fuss, just because parts of the US experienced a solar eclipse for a few minutes on Monday (Greatest show on Earth: total eclipse dazzles the US, 22 August)? For most of the UK, the sun has been obscured for the last six weeks.
Pete Dorey

• Will the list of people who can be the victims of social media hate crimes (Front page, August) also include all women? Ask many women MPs, or any woman who takes a public stand, whether they see themselves as a victim of hate crime when threatened online with rape or other violence and the answer should be “yes”.
Moira Sykes

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