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Why parents are addicted to Calpol

04/06/2019 Jenny Kleeman 0

It is the one medicine we reach for whenever our babies are feverish or in pain. What’s the secret of its success? By Jenny KleemanThe first thing any British child will ever taste, after milk, will almost certainly be Calpol. The NHS advises parents t…

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How to wash your hands properly

02/06/2019 Rose Gallagher 0

The bad bacteria we pick up on our fingertips can lead to infection, but we often miss them when washing. An expert from the Royal College of Nursing advises on how to maintain good hygieneTwo types of bacteria live on our hands: resident bacteria, whi…

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Get out in the sun for your vitamin D | Letters

30/05/2019 Letters 0

Vitamin D cannot be easily obtained from diet, so sunlight and supplements are the main options to address deficiencies, say Ann Webb and Lesley Rhodes; while Kate Ashbrook says that government should enable local authorities properly to manage and imp…