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What happens when doctors change your diagnosis?

11/06/2018 Jules Montague 0

For some, a definitive label offers a lifeline and a way to understand their condition. When that is altered, even for the better, the effects can be devastatingSuzy Syrett suddenly stopped going to her bipolar support group. Nobody had thrown her out,…

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Seven ways … to prevent skin cancer

04/06/2018 Ann Robinson 0

Sunburn can lead to skin cancer, so it is especially important to be careful in summer. From suspect moles to suitable sunscreen, you can minimise your risk if you know the steps to take and the warning signs Related: Britons ‘risking skin damage and c…

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‘Surviving’ cancer is a journey of readjustment

03/06/2018 Genevieve Fox 0

Having been treated for head and neck cancer, Genevieve Fox looked for the yellow brick road back to her old, pre-cancer self, but the truth is it really isn’t like that“Hey cancer, you picked the wrong bitch.”“Been there. Beat that.”A grenade may whis…

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Time to take more action on sugar | Letters

28/05/2018 Letters 0

We now need mandatory colour-coded labels, writes Prof Graham MacGregorWhile we welcome Public Health England’s first assessment of progress on the government’s sugar reduction programme (Food industry fails to meet England target of 5% sugar reduction…

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Ireland’s abortion decision: a photo essay

25/05/2018 Olivia Harris 0

Documentary photographer Olivia Harris, supported by the International Women’s Media Fund, examines the contentious issue of abortion in IrelandOn Friday Ireland will vote in a referendum that could in effect end the ban on abortion. Voters will be ask…

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Word of the week: obesogen

24/05/2018 Steven Poole 0

If it ends with -ogen, it means something is being produced – in this case something that will make us dangerously overwightIs your house a disgusting swamp of peril and sickness? The latest everything-is-terrifying news is the suggestion this week tha…