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How to talk to your doctor about medication

When your doctor prescribes medication for you, it is important to ask questions. Understand exactly how to take it and what side effects to watch for. If you feel a drug isn’t working for you, or you are experiencing new symptoms, speak up and tell your doctor so she can address the issues and consider other options.

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As a cancer patient, I needed distraction | Letters

22/04/2018 Letters 0

The last thing I wanted after I was diagnosed was people trying to ‘help’ by sharing their experiences, writes Anne HayMike Addelman’s article (Why I live in dread of another cancer confessional, 18 April) accurately describes the non-physical as…

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Cancer, mutations and the facts of life

22/04/2018 Nathan Lents 0

If you live long enough, you get cancer. But without our mutating, blundering cells, we’d never have made it out of the primordial soup…Bob Weinberg of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been one of the world’s foremost experts on canc…

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Sexual addiction, desire and dopamine hits

22/04/2018 Andrew Anthony 0

Not all sex addicts are sexual predators – many are just struggling to contain their destructive urges. Andrew Anthony meets addicts and therapists to hear how they cope with this secretive pandemicOf the many alleged victims of the film producer Har…