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Four steps to a younger, smarter brain

14/10/2018 Gary Small 0

Evidence suggests memory decline can be slowed and even reversed by adopting a few healthy lifestyle habitsBrain health is key to successful ageing, and it involves several mental functions including memory, reasoning and planning. Memory defines who w…

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Why I like Taylor Swift 100% more | Brief letters

10/10/2018 Letters 0

Twins | Flu vaccine | Taylor Swift and Trump | Shopping | Plumbing BrexitI am a twin. One thing that grated when my sister and I were growing up was the constant reference to us as “the twins” or “one of the twins”. You aren’t an individual. You’re som…

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Keep taking the vitamin D tablets | Letters

08/10/2018 Letters 0

Calls to abolish the government’s recommendation for a daily dose of vitamin D pose a serious risk to child healthAs child health experts we are concerned that, if misunderstood, calls from researchers to abolish the government’s recommendation for a d…