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McMindfulness and a side of meritocracy | Letters

22/04/2019 Letters 0

Paul McGilchrist argues that the word challenge is used to persuade others to accept unpalatable change, financial constraint or disastrous policy. Robert Saunders says the idea that meritocracy leads to a reduction in inequality is a mythDavid Forbes’…

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A few good habits to help you age well | Letters

21/04/2019 Letters 0

Joan Lewis eats healthily and drinks wine in moderation, while Val Spouge does Guardian crosswords to keep herself out of a geriatric homeThank you to June Brown, alias Dot Cotton, and to Virginia Ironside (How I learned that 75 is the best age to star…

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My life in sex: the woman with HPV

19/04/2019 Anonymous 0

I’ve only ever had sex with three men, and been married for almost two decadesI have HPV – the human papillomavirus. Infections are common, but the strains I have mean that I’ve had to visit a specialist seven times in the last two months. I’m now at r…

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How to be Queen of your history class | Brief letters

17/04/2019 Letters 0

Horrible Histories | Financial anxiety | Easter cacti | Pyjamas in bed | Notre DameStuart Jeffries can’t be a true fan of Horrible Histories if he “can’t list the kings and queens of England” (Ghosts review, G2, 16 April). My three daughters can all re…