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Are genetic tests useful to predict cancer?

23/03/2019 Hannah Devlin 0

The health secretary’s call for tests to be rolled out on NHS was met with controversyThe health secretary, Matt Hancock, this week shared his shock at discovering that he is at greater than average risk for prostate cancer, despite having no family hi…

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Dr Julian Pratt obituary

15/02/2019 Eleanor Jubb 0

As a young doctor in rural South Africa (1975-76), my father, Julian Pratt, questioned the underlying cause of the diseases he was treating and identified how the grossly unequal distribution of land for agriculture was having a devastating effect. As …

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The long battle against infectious diseases | Letters

03/02/2019 Letters 0

Readers respond to a recent article and letter published in the GuardianI would like to clarify that, contrary to your article (The microbes are fighting back, and if anyone thinks there is a simple solution, they are wrong, 25 January), a few decades …