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Bus food ban and the battle against obesity | Letters

15/10/2019 Letters 0

The recommendation to ban eating on public transport is just one small step, says Richard Carter, a better approach may be to introduce levies on the takeaway boxes, says Rachel Hadden, and Brian Josephson points out that the ban is not on all public t…

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How to think clearly in beleaguered times | Letters

06/10/2019 Letters 0

Rorie Fulton on combating unwitting support for populists, and Richard Bryden on civic spaces that facilitate ‘reasoned conversation’George Monbiot makes a telling link between individuals’ affective state and the unwitting support we lend to demagogue…

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How to tackle fall in vaccination uptake | Letter

03/10/2019 Letters 0

Hugh Whittall writes that other, less instrusive measures must be exhausted before compulsory programmes can be consideredMaking vaccinations compulsory for state school pupils could risk causing more problems than it solves (Compulsory vaccinations ma…

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Fred Sai obituary

03/10/2019 Jeremy Hamand 0

Campaigner for reproductive rights and health in the developing worldThe harrowing experiences that Fred Sai faced as a young medical officer in Ghana in the 1960s fuelled his concern about the link between frequent childbearing and preventable death a…