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Derry Girls join Northern Ireland abortion protest

26/02/2019 Mattha Busby 0

Cast members march on Westminster to lobby secretary of state for change in lawStars of the hit television show Derry Girls have joined a group of female MPs in a march on Westminster calling for the extension of abortion rights to Northern Ireland. Re…

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The best slogans for remainers to chant | Letters

26/10/2018 Letters 0

Readers including Shirley Williams find hope in the People’s March and offer their anti-Brexit slogansThanks for the spectacular photographs (Report, 22 October) of last Saturday’s great anti-Brexit march, but there is another story to be told as well….

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Finding hope in the reign of a super-ego | Letters

15/10/2018 Letters 0

Guardian readers respond to Gary Greenberg’s essay on Trumpian psychoanalysisGary Greenberg’s beautifully written but flawed account of the first two years of the Trump presidency highlights the limitations of using psychoanalytic concepts to explain w…