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Suffer hay fever? Don’t blow your nose | Brief letters

16/05/2018 Letters 0

Railway ecosystem | Allergic rhinitis | Woody Guthrie and Carillion | Royal wedding romcom? | Prince HarryIt’s not just trees (We can’t chop down all these trees and not harm ourselves, 15 May). The railway ecosystem includes many other types of plant….

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Rise of the robots and all the lonely people | Letters

13/12/2017 Letters 0

Some automation brings benefits, says Roger Backhouse, but people need human interaction too; while 13 signatories to a letter say that Christmas is the perfect time to tackle the UK’s loneliness epidemicTwo connected stories in Monday’s Guardian: …

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Putting the UK transport system back on track | Letters

04/12/2017 Letters 0

Plans to revive disused railway lines must not ignore the cycling routes that replaced themWhile Sustrans welcomes the potential reopening of disused railway lines in principle (Beeching’s axed rail lines could be revived, 29 November), it will be cr…