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Cars are reaching the end of the road | Letters

10/03/2019 Letters 0

The decline in the UK of young people taking to the wheel is encouraging, says Bruce Ross-Smith, cars are blighting everything, says Susan Woodford, and David Halley sees an urgent need to get rid of themI hope George Monbiot (Cars ruin our lives. With…

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School trip made me a veggie for life | Brief letters

06/07/2018 Letters 0

Visiting abattoirs | Frances Ryan | Healthy sperm | Economics | School skirts | Body odourWhen I was at grammar school over 50 years ago, the fifth form was taken to visit an abattoir on a school trip (Why children should visit abattoirs, 4 July). I’ve…

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Suffer hay fever? Don’t blow your nose | Brief letters

16/05/2018 Letters 0

Railway ecosystem | Allergic rhinitis | Woody Guthrie and Carillion | Royal wedding romcom? | Prince HarryIt’s not just trees (We can’t chop down all these trees and not harm ourselves, 15 May). The railway ecosystem includes many other types of plant….

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Rise of the robots and all the lonely people | Letters

13/12/2017 Letters 0

Some automation brings benefits, says Roger Backhouse, but people need human interaction too; while 13 signatories to a letter say that Christmas is the perfect time to tackle the UK’s loneliness epidemicTwo connected stories in Monday’s Guardian: …