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Use safe alternative to toxic lead gunshot | Letter

29/07/2019 Letters 0

Scientists and environmental campaigners warn of the dangers of lead ammunition to wildfowl and peopleExperts call for ban on lead shot as Waitrose overhauls sale of gameOne hundred years ago this week the American ornithologist Alexander Wetmore publi…

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Meat tax will not solve environmental concerns | Letters

02/06/2019 Letters 0

Farmers are already working to reduce emissions and a tax would just make a balanced diet unaffordable, says Stuart Roberts. And Joan Carter worries about the return of the wildcatAs a farmer, I wholeheartedly agree that the agricultural industry shoul…

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The French know how to do lunch | Brief letters

25/02/2019 Letters 0

Wine at lunch | Cleaning products | Words for loo | Moorhens | Brexit soundtracks | The Scottish dietRe long lunch breaks (Letters, 25 February), I once had lunch in one of the canteens at Airbus in Toulouse. I was astonished to see a couple of colleag…

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Husband dabbles in DIY dentistry | Brief letters

07/02/2019 Letters 0

Homemade teeth | Mountain hares | James Charles | Actors v writers | High streetsYour headline “Patients resort to DIY dentistry as NHS options disappear” (6 February) could have been written for my husband. A retired technology teacher, he relishes a …

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Suicide coverage: it’s a complex issue | Brief letters

04/02/2019 Letters 0

Teen mental health | Inoculation | Justice system | Football | Crows v rooksHadley Freeman excels often but her piece on the blaming of Instagram for the suicide of Molly Russell was both brave and clever (Blaming Instagram is too easy, Weekend, 2 Febr…

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Get stuck into the marmalade debate | Brief letters

01/02/2019 Letters 0

The Duchess of Argyll | Fortnum & Mason shoppers | Bird spotting | Sugar content of jamI assume that if the BBC drama about the Duchess of Argyll is screened (Report, 31 January) it won’t be billed as A Very English Scandal – divorce proceedings be…

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12/08/2018 Hilary Guite 0

The devastation caused by wildfires is self-evident – but their impact is greater and more wide-ranging than you might think…This year, the number of wildfires in Europe has increased. In California, the Mendocino complex wildfire is the largest in its…

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Dogs, cats, robins and ducking the question | Brief letters

05/01/2018 Letters 0

Jeremy Hunt | Guardian cleans up | Top tabloid | Robin’s nest | Risque place namesPolly Toynbee’s article (The Tories knew there would be an NHS winter crisis but did nothing,, 3 January) notes that Jeremy Hunt “sent out a civil s…