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Husband dabbles in DIY dentistry | Brief letters

07/02/2019 Letters 0

Homemade teeth | Mountain hares | James Charles | Actors v writers | High streetsYour headline “Patients resort to DIY dentistry as NHS options disappear” (6 February) could have been written for my husband. A retired technology teacher, he relishes a …

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Why YouTubers are feeling the burn

12/08/2018 Chris Stokel-Walker 0

From fashionistas to popular scientists, YouTube’s top video stars are crumbling under the relentless pressure of producing new content for the siteWhen Lucy Moon sat down with her therapist to discuss why she was feeling so low, she was on top of the …

Russell Brand: ‘I was a needy person. I’m less mad now’

02/09/2017 Miranda Sawyer 0

He’s moved to the country, had a baby and stayed away from politics – but is the comedian ready for a quiet life?

The last time I interviewed Russell Brand was in 2008, around the time of Sachsgate, and he was a handful. When I asked him, as a joke, if he was going for world domination, he replied, “Yes, that is what I will do. What am I going to stop for? I’ll just carry on until there’s nothing left.” Nine years on, he has changed in some ways, and in others, not at all.

He still looks amazing: tall, long-haired, Gypsy-George-Best handsome; a dandy highwayman in black leather trousers and goth jewellery. His mind still fires faster than a machine gun, and his speech is just as packed with flowery words and detailed explanations, peppered with references to what he’s read (Jung, Harari, life coach Tony Robbins). And he’s still funny. But Brand is different. His ego is less all-consuming. In 2008, he was difficult with the photographer (not today, he’s fine) and, during our chat, he kept moving his head so that, even when I tried to glance away, he was constantly in my sight-line. It was as if my eyes were the spotlight and his face had to be in it. No more.

I know I’m narcissistic. I’m no different from anyone with ego problems, going, ‘Love me, adore me, give me attention’

In 2015 he told fans not to vote, and is unrepentant. ‘I’m a trickster – I don’t need to know how the Met should be run’

I sometimes feel like a refugee in my house, living with this calm woman who doesn’t care what I do

Like a lot of people who seem loud, there’s a fragility also in me. I manage it differently now, I’m not so self-damning

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