11 and a half years a slave to Guardian list of ‘1000 films to see before you die’ | Brief letters

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Mounting evidence from around the country demonstrates that the use of the private sector to provide health and social care as a substitute for state provision is damaging the health and wellbeing of our population (Whistleblower describes ‘cut-throat’ culture at private healthcare provider, 1 January). It’s time for us the people to “take back control”. Let’s do it!
Gillian Dalley

• In June 2007 you gave us a list of “1000 films to see before you die”. On Friday I finished it with a Michael Winner film that seemed to be a poor excuse for lots of gratuitous shots of women in bikinis. Thanks. While I may also take you to task for inflicting The Cremaster Cycle on us, your list took me through some, er, intriguing films I’d never otherwise have seen.
Ray Milner
Cockermouth, Cumbria

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