A civilised society supports people in need, but our brutal system shatters lives | Aditya Chakrabortty

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Simon’s story is a tale of 21st-century Britain. He worked, he cared for his mother, he played by the rules. But when he fell, there was no safety net

Simon’s death certificate tidies away his life in a few terse official phrases. Date of death: 12 November 2017. Causes: “a) Fatty liver� and “b) Alcohol misuse�. No bureaucratic curiosity about how a 51-year-old’s life came to be cut so short.

Which leaves his only brother, Dave, dealing with the grief and asking all the whys. Why did Simon die so young? Why did no one else try to help?

Yet there are so many people like Simon, all surplus to requirements of this shrunken economy

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