White House refuses to sign on to Christchurch call to combat online extremism – live

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White House said in response to an international agreement to to curb hate speech that ‘productive speech’ is the best tool to defeat it

Yesterday, a top British general contradicted US intelligence reports about increased, but vague, threats from Iran.

UK Ministry of Defence responds to CentCom, after CentCom rebukes British Maj Gen Ghika for saying no increased Iranian threat in Iraq and Syria

MoD says Ghika’s comments “are based on the day to day military operations”https://t.co/KAhjLBo2Ny

After the rare US rebuke of British OIR Dep Cmdr for saying the threat assessment on Iran “hadn’t changed”, a US official is now leaking to NYT the risk does not warrant the current US military response, going as far to say the administration is trying to draw Iran to war with US pic.twitter.com/yBV6m5oVKM

While Alabama’s Republican Governor considers whether to sign the state’s near-total abortion ban, abortion providers in Ohio have formally filed a lawsuit against an abortion ban there.

Lawmakers in Ohio enacted a law which bans abortion after six weeks, called a “fetal heartbeat” bill. At six weeks, a pregnancy is called an embryo, and the still microscopic tissues which will become the heart have not fully formed.

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