Don’t blame senior doctors. The NHS pensions standoff is politicians’ fault | Rachel Clarke

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The impact of consultants not working extra hours is dire. So change the absurd rules that penalise them for helping the NHS

Everyone loves to hate a fat cat. And so, in 2016, when former chancellor George Osborne decided to reduce pension tax relief for very high earners, he must have thought he was on to a sure thing. After all, with a UK average household income of only £26,000, who would ever complain about the fate of people so indecently well paid they could afford to set aside up to £40,000 a year in pension contributions?

Three years on, Osborne’s slam-dunk strategy for bolstering the exchequer’s coffers is wreaking havoc on the NHS. Something as arcane and tedious as pension tax law is threatening to increase waiting lists, lengthen delays in starting cancer treatment and endanger the lives of NHS patients.

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