Drinking your own urine? There’s a Facebook group for that. Two, even

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Urine therapy enthusiasts claim that drinking your own pee is a panacea – not an inexcusably filthy way to start the day, as everyone else thinks

One benefit of being part of a social network with more than a billion members: there will be thousands of people who share that “one in a million” interest. Facebook is a haven for those with rare diseases or niche interests; one capable of supporting two separate groups of more than 5,000 proponents of “urine therapy”.

That’s the ancient folk remedy of bathing in, washing with, and yes, drinking your own pee in order to “cleanse your body and eliminate disease”. The groups, which recently splashed onto the wider internet thanks to screenshots leaking out to Reddit and Twitter, make plenty of enthusiastic claims about the efficacy of urine in treating all manner of maladies.

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