Europeans have never been healthier. So why do we feel so bad?

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Despite the WHO’s positive report on Europe’s health, the media shunned good news for worrisome headlines

A funny thing happened this week.

The World Health Organisation produced a report telling Europeans that we have never been this healthy. We are ahead of targets to reduce major life-threatening illnesses; life expectancy is up; infant mortality is down. Of course, the report was nuanced – they always are. Inequality and obesity remain concerns.

What a great little endeavour. One of the things Isis tried to achieve was the removal of shared history, a sense of the past binding peoples together in an effort to create a Day One mentality. The fire in Brazil had the potential to do something similar though thankfully on a much smaller scale. Those people working to save the cultural heritage of Brazil, Syria etc are helping to save the ties that bind us.

I very much enjoyed your article on the great African regreening. I believe another good article could be on sustainable architecture, which is in tune with the extreme environment, and how it could/is making living more comfortable across the African continent.

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