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Gerry Miller believes general practitioners live very comfortably while working two or three days a week. David Handley says GPs’ salaries enable them to cut back

Your leader (The falling number of GPs is a symptom of the pressure the NHS is under, 10 May) fails to mention one important factor in the lack of GPs, which is that the very high salaries that they earn (roughly twice what a French GP earns) enable many of them to live very comfortably while working three, two or even one day a week. These GPs are sensible enough to trade wealth for quality of life.
Gerry Miller

• High drop-out rates and early retirements may account for the greater part of falling GP numbers, but a factor that undoubtedly contributes to the shortage is the number of young married GPs who choose to job share or go part-time to improve their quality of life. Clearly GP salaries enable this choice.
David Handley
Gargrave, North Yorkshire

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