Menopause health has ‘few specialists and a lot of myths’ – can tech change that?

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Health technology catering to women has covered fertility, periods, mental wellbeing and more. Now tech entrepreneurs are catering to the 13 million women in menopause

When Lina Chan received care to help her conceive in her late 30s, she couldn’t help but wonder whether it might have been more beneficial to have received it earlier. “We only receive the care we need once we encounter a problem,” she explains. “If you think of the life changes women go through, all of them are fraught with taboo. They’re not openly discussed, and it leaves us unprepared.”

And of all these changes, the menopause remains the least discussed. While a wave of menstruation activism has begun breaking taboos around periods, the bodily changes women encounter in their 40s and 50s are still not talked about openly. A study by the British Menopause Society found 47% of menopausal women felt they couldn’t discuss their symptoms with their bosses or colleagues.

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