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Readers respond to Donald Trump’s comment that he wants the NHS ‘on the table’ in any future trade negotiations

My late mother trained as a nurse in Glasgow in the 1940s and witnessed the birth of the NHS. Having grown up in a village in rural Scotland where nobody ever called the doctor because they wouldn’t have been able to pay the bill, she often told us of the revolution in healthcare which the NHS made possible, and about the gratitude of ordinary folk nursed free of charge in hospital through diphtheria, tuberculosis, scarlet fever and the like. I can hardly imagine her reaction on hearing that only 70 years later the United States wants the NHS to be “on the table” in a future trade deal (Trump snubs Corbyn and eyes up NHS in trade talks, 5 June). Have we already forgotten how things used to be?
Susan Tomes

• As bizarre as the proposition might seem, I presume that if the US’s position is that something as fundamental to our way of life as the NHS is going to be on the UK’s side of the table in any post-Brexit trade negotiations between the UK and the US, then the UK could argue that gun control should be on the US’s side.

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