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The public sector should be leading the charge with queue-busting tech, not leaving innovation to private companies

It hasn’t been all that long since Matt Hancock was best known for his app, which he called Matt Hancock, in a very Ronseal approach to technology. Not long after being promoted from a digital minister to culture secretary, Hancock rolled out the app in a bid to keep his constituents up to date with local goings-on, and to create a space for feedback. Naturally, Hancock got the piss taken out of him on social media. But aside from legitimate data concerns with the app accessing users’ photos – seemingly even when permission was not given; but that, unfortunately, isn’t a niche breach – the derisive response was, for the most part, unjustified.

People can’t have it both ways: dissing politicians for not being innovative or digitally astute, and then mocking the few who seem genuinely interested in technology and how it can change politics for the better.

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