The NHS cannot become a bargaining chip in our desperate deal-making with the US | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

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With a no-deal Brexit looming, Tory MPs are rushing to defend our health service from Trump – but they can’t be trusted

Even when it’s in the process of being deliberately run down by the Conservatives so it can finally be privatised, our National Health Service makes America’s arrangements look monstrous by comparison. So those of us who have long suspected that privatisation is the ideological end-goal for many Conservative rightwingers were left unsurprised when the US ambassador, Woody Johnson, essentially said that our entire economy was up for grabs in a post-Brexit trade deal. Trump echoed this sentiment and then backtracked when interviewed by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain (a cocktail of entities so loathsome that it can only add credence to the notion that we are hurtling along a dark alternative timeline following the rupturing of the universe caused by David Bowie’s death).

Trump’s state visit may have seen the last few days of British diplomacy descend into a Boschian hellscape populated by sour-faced old colonialists, disturbingly shiny simulacra offspring, and a man in a wig and tailcoat who wouldn’t pass muster as an am-dram waiter. But more disturbing still was having to witness the to-ing and fro-ing over the bartering of our health service. Trump’s blustering over whether or not he wants to get his tiny mitts on our NHS is ultimately irrelevant: who truly believes that the man understands anything about the issues at hand? But when the time comes to discuss the parcelling off of NHS services in a desperate trade deal, the discussion will be dominated by US business interests.

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