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I found night sweats could be ameliorated by wearing just a thick bathrobe in bed. This sounds counterintuitive but it soaks up the moisture and keeps the skin dry, writes Margaret Davis

I would like to pass on a suggestion to Rose George regarding her serious menopausal symptoms which might help one small part of them (Long read, 16 August). I found that night sweats could be ameliorated by wearing just a thick towelling bathrobe in bed. Of course this sounds counterintuitive; who needs a thick garment when one is so overheated? But it soaks up the moisture, keeps the skin dry and allows the body to remain warm rather than chilled by surface sweat on the skin.

I am no expert in dealing with symptoms but I have heard that women who are living the kind of life that suits their desires for fulfilment and overall satisfaction tend to suffer less. I went through the menopause while following a course to qualify me for an occupation I loved and which made me realise how unhappy I had been in my previous career. I suffered very little from the menopause – apart from night sweats. I send all good wishes to Rose.
Margaret Davis
Loanhead, Midlothian

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