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Not your typical Tory groupthink | Brief letters

18/08/2019 Letters 0

GP appointments | Ovarian cancer | A-level twins | Donald Trump and Greenland | Tories and the status quoGrace Dent should resist the current trend for putting down GPs (I’m angry, sore, and bloated. Is this the menopause?, Weekend, 17 August) Yes, you…

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When Christian Science and illness collide | Letter

16/08/2019 Letters 0

Lucy McPhail shares her family’s experience of Christian Science and says Mary Baker Eddy’s advice did not help My paternal grandfather was a Christian Scientist whose eldest son died young (in his late teens/early 20s, I believe) because his father re…

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Christian Science, medicine and prayer | Letter

12/08/2019 Letters 0

Robin Harragin Hussey responds to Caroline Fraser’s piece revealing how the religion’s anti-medical dogma led her father to an agonising deathI have great compassion for Caroline Fraser and her family’s heart-wrenching experience (‘You don’t need a doc…

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Specialist skills and learning disabilities | Letters

08/08/2019 Letters 0

Sally Cheseldine and Bill Hughes contribute to the ongoing debate about the role of learning disability specialistsThere are many paediatricians who bring specialist skills to children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectr…

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Wellbeing goes with Glastonbury territory | Letters

08/08/2019 Letters 0

Contrary to a suggestion in a recent Guardian piece, Glasto has a long history of hosting ‘spiritual and wellbeing stuff’, writes Gill JackmanSo Alex Holbrook attributes a “change” at the Glastonbury festival to the “wellbeing” movement (Festival-goers…

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Matters of life and death, faith and suffering | Letters

07/08/2019 Letters 0

Alison Watson, Colin Brewer, an anonymous reader and Gillian Draper respond to Caroline Fraser’s article about the agonising death of her Christian Scientist father and to debates on assisted dyingCaroline Fraser brings good news that Christian Science…

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Face up to the severity of the climate crisis | Letters

06/08/2019 Letters 0

Readers respond to recent Guardian articles on environmental issuesJohn Vidal hit the nail on the head by linking Meghan and Harry’s choice to limit their family size for the sake of the climate to the lack of access many women globally have to service…

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We need learning disability doctors | Letters

05/08/2019 Letters 0

Janet Chambers and Michael Baron on the need for GPs specialising in the health and welfare requirements of people with intellectual disabilitiesI would like to support the proposal for exploration of developing the role of a senior doctor specialising…

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It’s risky to remove ticks with tweezers | Letters

02/08/2019 Letters 0

Grizelda George recommends using a Tick Twister, and Margaret Squires hasn’t looked back since discovering tick sticksYour article advised that ticks should be removed by pulling them out with tweezers (UK may have far more cases of Lyme disease than r…

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Use safe alternative to toxic lead gunshot | Letter

29/07/2019 Letters 0

Scientists and environmental campaigners warn of the dangers of lead ammunition to wildfowl and peopleExperts call for ban on lead shot as Waitrose overhauls sale of gameOne hundred years ago this week the American ornithologist Alexander Wetmore publi…

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Rollout of 5G and the risk of harm | Letters

28/07/2019 Letters 0

There is a lot of science demonstrating plausible risk of harm from electromagnetic fields, says Damien Downing, and campaigners against 5G are simply alerting people to the evidence, says Sally BeareHas the Guardian never heard of the precautionary pr…

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A case for learning disability doctors | Letter

26/07/2019 Letters 0

Dr Ken Courtenay supports developing a role for doctors who are skilled in treating and supporting people with intellectual disabilities and complex health needsAs a psychiatrist and trained GP who works with people with intellectual disabilities (ID),…

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Contraception and lowering the risk of cancer | Letters

21/07/2019 Letters 0

Dr Marc Tischkowitz on oral contraceptives reducing the risk of ovarian cancer, and Alec Mills on tackling plastic period productsIn her article on the increasing use of contraception to control menstruation (Why more and more women are giving up perio…

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We must learn from mental health tragedies | Letter

18/07/2019 Letters 0

We are disturbed that in-depth investigations into patient homicides are no longer undertaken, writes Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SaneWhile we welcome expanding research into suicides by mental health patients, we are disturbed that in-depth i…